Thursday, December 4, 2008

Furry Friends!

This is dedicated to the one I love...this is dedicaaaaated, this is dedicaaaated, dedicaaaated to the one I love. Jack, you are the greatest rescue ever. I love how you demand affection and punch us with your paws until you get it. A man who knows what he wants. And the way you kiss us with your champion long tongue until blisters form. And how you are always under my feet whilst trying to make dinner. I don't tell you enough, but Mama loves you. (But Daddy still has to clean up after you! :) )

I know you bloggers love your fuzzballs out there as much as I do!


annechovie said...

Aw, Kara, what a pretty dog! He is adorable! Thanks for your comment, as always. I hope you had a good T-Giving.

OLIVEAUX said...

He is adorable Kara!

Cote de Texas said...


btw - my profile picture is soooo fake!!! my friends all cracked up when they saw it - it's so not me.

vicki archer said...

A very gorgeous pup, xv.