Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tropical Christmas!

Sorry posts have been few and far between...I have my hands full with work, a 5 month old and a 3 yr old, a hubby (he counts as one of the kids), Jack, and preparing for a month long visit to see the in-laws in Louisiana. With Christmas in mind, I found these little goodies for you...

If you're like me, and decorating by the sea (ug, had to do it!) then you might fancy these tropical inspired ideas. I do love traditional holiday decor, but I am forever influenced by anything coastal. Will be away for a while, but don't forget about me. I won't forget about you. Have a beautiful holiday season!
Images via Coastal Living


annechovie said...

Very pretty, Kara! Have a wonderful trip and Christmas together with family! Thanks for the sweet comment.

Andrea V. said...

Louisiana?? Where at?? I live here and am a follower of your blog :)

The Steel Magnolia House said...

Hi Andrea!
Mandeville is where we will be. Where do you all live? Do you have a blog? I couldn't find one on your profile.

simply seleta said...

love this top image. so pretty!!! i completely relate to your busyness.

Andrea V. said...


I live appx 2.5 hrs southwest of New Orleans!
I have no blog...well I started one a looong time ago, but decided that I prefer just being a spectator in the blogworld :) I am a design columnist for a local monthly magazine, so I concentrate my writing efforts soley on that, and I assure you, it's enough!

Hope you had fun in Mandeville! I have been to Palm Beach, and LOVED it there! Very nice city.

Take care,