Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And last but not least...

There were 60 of them! How could I only choose 5?? :) Here are the rest of the contenders...and in no particular order, I might add.

I remember this spread like it was yesterday. Do you? This was one of my favorite issues. Two fabulous guys renovated this little schoolhouse (I think it was a school house, or a church maybe). Anyway, the results were fantastic!!! They are a big fan of layering, and they do it well! Ever a fan of the green and white. I believe they called this the "Monkey Cottage." (Don't shoot me if I'm wrong. I will have to search my archives! :) )
Ooh, now this one is very soothing, and very sophisticated. I always admire these designs that have such restraint, but I love color so much its hard for me to get there.

And for the traditional in you...

This was also a great feature. The before and afters of this are really something else. It turned out quite well. The walls were dark paneling before and the owner found this sink and hardware antiquing. Just goes to show what a little elbow grease will give you...a big bang for your buck!

And, lastly, this one appeals to the "granny chic" in me. Especially all of those trinkets...they really bring me back. I love that nostalgia.
OK, so which one of theeeese is your favorite???? I think mine is the first!


Erin said...

I really love the last image. I'm with you on the trinkets...they are totally nostalgic.

"Granny chic". lol.

Cote de Texas said...

very pretty eye candy!

thanks so much for your really sweet comment on my kitchen, much appreciated!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

My favorite is the soothing sophisticated one with the paneled ceilings. (2nd one down) the thick countertops & color scheme.