Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This one's for you, Pink Wallpaper!

A little back story: Pink Wallpaper and I have been going back and forth on who got the worst haircut. (We've both recently been traumatized). No, I will not post pictures. lol. She, like me, also has the sounds of pitter patter around her house. For those of us with little ones, we all know how hard it is to FEEL fabulous when there is so little time to tend to our 'fabulosity', for lack of a better word. (No, Kimora Lee Simmons is NOT my hero!) So, this morning, while going through the daily blog roll, I discovered this post on Absolutley Beautiful Things from Anna.
This one's for you, Shannon. I'm sure you look great in your black workout pants and Patagonia. Keep on keepin' on!


Pink Wallpaper said...

you're too made my day...4" roots and all :) thanks a million for making me smile!

annechovie said...

Hi Kara, I nominated you here!

Lauren said...

I so did a mom chop last Feb when my little guy was about 6 months old... Still regretting it hahaha