Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bathrooms, bathrooms, and more bathrooms...

This nautical wallpaper pops right off the white sink. And I love those legs! Now those are some sexy legs!!! They pair so well together.

This is so pleasing to the neutral palette in me. I have always loved the idea of skirting the sink to hide toiletries.

I love the raw materials in this bathroom. Everything can be beautiful in its simplest form.

And, of course, gotta throw the turquoise in there! Adding furniture (if you are lucky enough to have that big of a bathroom) is such a nice touch. This is a great way to turn a standard builder home into a real unique room as well.

And always a fan of the b & w checkered floor.

I just received a newsletter from County Living that was showcasing their best bathrooms yet. I have always loved CL for the designs they feature; they are so warm and inviting, so approachable. I think growing up in a house that felt more like a museum than a "homey" home has driven me to create a casual, kick your feet up feel in my own home. Although I appreciate all styles, I personally lean towards the more comfortable "come in and stay a while" feel. So if that is your cup of tea, feast your eyes on these babies...
Which one is your fave??????

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annechovie said...

Wow, you always come up with the best photos, Kara! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog today - you made me smile ;>)