Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Friday!

Since we are having a fairly large fiesta at our place tomorrow night, I have been rearranging things a bit, moving this here and that there. Months ago, I purchased this original "quote art" (I believe she calls it this, sorry, Anne! :) ) from Anne Harwell's Etsy shop. I love the color, but most important is the message: "Happiness is not having all you want * It's wanting all you've got!" Indeed, Anne. I originally had it behind my laptop but had been looking at it for so long I really didn't *see* the message anymore. Now, in my kitchen, not only will I enjoy rediscovering it, but my guests will as well. It is so so fun to get new ideas, read shelter mags, and drool over others' designs, but at the end of the day you really have to learn to be grateful for your lot in life. Otherwise, you will always be searching for the next best thing. So I'm taking a moment to appreciate all of my blessings, and hoping you will do the same, especially given the state of our economy.

Also, I love having designer things available to me, but what really dawned on me today was how many wonderful artists we have in our own blogger community. Purchasing things from places like Etsy, and our blog friends, such as Annechovie, is such a wonderful (and affordable) way to not only support them, but to have things that are truly unique.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Diane W.Kaufman said...

i love that term- Quote art! I have a fair amount of quote art in my own cottages and others- sometimes we just need that little extra reminder where we can see it!

Your House and Life said...

Love that, and the color. Also saw one on Etsy that said I'm going to be as happy as a bird with a french fry. Ha!

Lauren said...

I did 't see this till Monday but I really love that quote. I also totally agree with you about Etsy!!

Haven and Home said...

I need that sign in my house. Love the blog, I can't wait to sit down and really look at it. Also, LOVE the name!!!