Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The boy's room and more...

Rubie Green. We all know and LOVE her. (I can personify a company name, right?) Michelle Adams is the brainchild behind it. I think it's safe to say that I am 100% obsessed with this fabric. I have always loved pineapples, the great symbol of hospitality. I WILL find somewhere to use this in mi casa. And, more than that, I really love the "descriptions" of each fabric on the website.
For example, Megan: "She believes in pairing stilettos with cowboy hats, wine with hot dogs, and acrylic nails with the engine of a '67 Mustang. Megan is unique and edgy while being feminine and playful; she'll wear her Prom Queen title but never her boyfriend's varsity jacket. Her will is strong and her wit sky-high; she is the girl who leads the pack, the girl who stands apart." Now, that's my kinda girl!
Tillinghast, also by Rubie Green.

Key West, by Calico Corners

So, my last post got me thinking about which fabric I will use for Trip's room, since "Cadence" went totally awry (is it just me, or does any one else have trouble spelling this...sounds like "uh-rye" lol). And my lovely new blog friends have come to the rescue. Lindsey, from Everything LEB, reminded me of this from Calico Corners, which looks a lot like this, from Rubie Green. My favorite. And, duh, it's also the header for my blog. Can you believe my brain has failed to remember this? It took someone else to remind me. I need some Soduko. STAT.
I'm still open to suggestions, but this is my front runner.
Lindsey is also taking suggestions on her window treatment. Click here to help another sista out!


LindsB said...

Aw, you are so sweet for linking me on your post, thank you!!!

I love Rubie Green too! I'm so kicking myself for not ordering lots and lots of her fabric when she had a 50% off sale when she first opened, stupid me ugg!

I knew I had seen fabric like the one you didnt have luck with, so now that you are back on track, I cant WAIT to see what you do with your sons room! Its going to be so fab!!

Sweet Nothings said...

I love Rubie Green..Michelle is so sweet.

We did a mini house tour of her apt(which she informed me she has moved from!) on our blog last week

Kasey said...

I love her company as well.
everything about it.

Lauren said...

i think youhould go with it!!

Lauren said...

oh ps i forgot to ask: did you ever check out that chair fabric on house of turquoise?? it could be another option: http://www.houseofturquoise.com/2009/02/spirit-of-spring.html